Regina is a single grandmother and a retired computer programmer/analyst.

I’ve known Ed for 25 years. He’s always been there for me and he always watches out for my interests.

Ed handled my divorce. He really protected my property rights.

When my daughter started acting out as a result of the divorce, my ex wanted to take her from me. Ed stepped right in and prevented that from happening. He was right there to look out for me when my ex didn’t want to pay child support.

Ed also established a legal guardianship for my granddaughter, to prevent her from being moved out of state.

Ed always has time for me. If I really need to talk to him, he makes the time.

Bill is a 56-year-old truck driver.

When the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) took my one-and-a-half-year-old grandson from my daughter, I immediately thought of Ann. I knew her from before, when she cleared up some traffic tickets my wife had gotten. I knew she was smart. I knew she was a big-time listener. And I knew I needed help.

My daughter had run into some personal problems. They didn’t affect her as a mother. But someone called DYFS and told them there wasn’t any food in the refrigerator. Two agents came out to check and they saw it was false. They came back several times to check on other things, and finally they took my grandson away. Completely illegally.

That’s when I contacted Ann. Talking to her I could see that she cared, unlike other lawyers who only care about the amount of money they make.

But caring was only part of it. She took our case and dug in. She really did her homework. She even visited the house where my grandson had been held for the past five months.

When we got to court Ann was like “Rocky.” She was completely on top of the situation.

We won. When she came out of the courtroom Ann told me, “Nobody beats DYFS. But we did.”

Robert has been a certified financial planner for 22 years.

I’ve known and worked with Ed throughout my career. I can say firsthand that he’s not like many attorneys—and my clients say the same thing.

He’s caring and patient. He doesn’t rush clients. He makes time to really listen to what they’re saying. He’s careful to make sure they’re at ease. If he were a doctor, he’d have a great bedside manner.

I’ve had clients who’ve gone to other attorneys. Typically, they’re not happy with the way they’ve been treated. With Ed it’s a totally different experience. He makes them feel comfortable from the first meeting—from the first few minutes of the first meeting.

If one of my client’s needs something, Ed will go out of his way to make sure he or she gets it.

I had a client with Parkinson’s Disease who couldn’t come into the office. That didn’t phase Ed. He delivered the documents to the client’s house. When everything had been signed, Ed went back to my client’s house to pick up the paperwork. That’s a testament to who Ed is.

I can offer another testament: Ed’s the most trustworthy person I know.

Charles has been a truck driver for 35 years.

I’d been ticketed for DWI and went to see another attorney before a friend recommended Ann. Was I aggravated: He insulted my intelligence and treated me like a grade-school kid.

I made an instant decision to retain Ann as soon as we spoke on the phone. She was honest. She listened closely to what I had to say and was very precise when she answered.

I was in the red zone. I knew that my DWI ticket would cost me my license. Without a license I can’t work. I hoped I could get a break, maybe a reduction in points.

Ann did her homework and really impressed me. She found an eight-month-old case that exactly mirrored mine. When we went to court she talked to the prosecutor, came back and said “We’ve got this beat.”

The other thing I really like about Ann is that the fee quoted was the fee charged. The other lawyer wanted $5,000 up front and then another $3,000 and then more. He was just looking to ring the register on me.

I knew that with Ann I found someone I could trust.

Frank is a retired construction worker/ironworker. He currently works as a school custodian.

I first met Frank 30 years ago when I got hurt on a job. I needed a lawyer and someone suggested him. We’ve been friends ever since.

The first time I went to Frank I had a back injury. There was no Workers’ Comp, so if I wanted to be compensated I had to sue the company. Frank won a fair settlement for me.

In construction, it’s easy to get banged up on the job. Besides my back I’ve had operations on my knees and shoulder. Each time I ended up having to sue my employers, and each time Frank represented me in court.

One of the things I really like about Frank is that he always keeps me updated, always tells me ahead of time of what to expect. He makes sure that I’m never caught by surprise.

What else can I say about Frank? He’s a real fighter.

Ronald is a disabled truck driver, 45 years old.

Frank has been my attorney for 20 years. I’d been in a car accident, looked up “lawyers” in the phone book, and saw that Frank was close by. I was very lucky.

Frank is straightforward. He tells it like it is. I’ve had lawyers who start babbling in court—who knows what they’re talking about? That’s never a problem with Frank. He makes certain I always know what’s going on. No surprises.

Frank handled my Workers’ Comp case. In fact, he’s still handling it. With the games the insurance company plays, it’s stretched out over five years. Frank has never asked for another penny. How many other lawyers would do that?

Frank returns my calls and makes sure my paperwork is done on time. If he doesn’t know something he recommends a lawyer who does. One time I didn’t take his advice and found my own attorney. I was sorry I did.

I recommended Frank to my father and my brother, who now both use him

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